Creating a mirror ball cap with remapped text


What do we need?

- An equirectangular panorama (f. e. 6000 x 3000 pixels)
- Panotool plug-in for Photoshop created by Thomas Niemann (download here)
- Photoshop action to create the mirror ball cap with white text plate (download cap_text.atn)
- Logo text as Photoshop file (download LogoText.psd)

- This tutorial can also be found at the wiki section of (click here)


Here we go:

1. Run this action in Photoshop and keep in mind the original size of the opened panorama:

2. When this message pops up, click to cancel the action..

3. This is the result from the action till this point (the grid is set to 50%):

4.Turn canvas by 180 degrees:

5. Run PTRemap Plugin as shown below:

6. These settings under Prefs will generate and open an additional, remapped file:

7. Settings for the remapping job:

8. This is the resulting remapped view, looking straight down:

9. Here a little bit more zoomed in:

10. Open a prepared Photoshop text file to fill in like this (for download see on top):

11. Drag and drop the text file over the remapped pano until it fits well as shown below:
(to transform the text hit ctrl+T)

12. The text layer should be on top and selected. Don't flatten it to background nor reduce to one layer!

13. Run the Remap plugin again:

14. Settings to remap back to equirectangular projection (PSphere):

15. This is the remapped text without the pano as result from the remapping process:

16. These are the values from the remapped text file:

17. Change the values to the original size of your panorama. Mine was 6000 x 3000 pixels:

18. Turn canvas by 180 degrees again:

19. Duplicate background to a layer and delete original background:

20. Delete the white colour by selecting it:

21. In this dialog pick the white colour and click OK

22.This is the selected white colour (You can do this also with the wizard stick tool)

23. Delete the selection and only the needed text will stay (yellow highlighted):
Save this file for further use with this Photoshop action and give it a name which
includes the size of the file, really helpful!

24. Now you are able to drag and drop this file to the panorama by holding shift key
(It should fit exactly in the white area in the panorama picture):

25. After the step above flatten the layers to backgound:

26. Save as.... (ctrl+shift+s) .... done!

27. This is the resulting nadir cap with text:

Next time when you run the action on a panorama with the same size you don't have to cancel it, because you can use the above generated, remapped text file. Now you are able to produce this nadir logo in one go.
You just have to guide the action to the remapped text file and your computer.


Here an example:


I think this method can also be used to do many other things....

Comments are welcome, also when something doesn't work...

Davos, 13.03.2005 / Peter Nyfeler / peter.nyfeler [at] gmail [dot] com /


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